Grading every Real Madrid player in the 2021/22 season

Real Madrid, Champions League (Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Champions League (Photo by Mustafa Yalcin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) /
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David Alaba (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images)
David Alaba (Photo by John Berry/Getty Images) /


Eder Militao – B+

A very interesting season for Eder Militao. At just 24-years-old, Eder Militao quite unexpectedly became one of Real Madrid’s two starting central defenders for this season. With Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane both leaving last summer, it was his time to take his chance and he did it exceptionally well alongside David Alaba. As the season wore on, Militao almost always delivered before going through a bit of a rough patch in the later stages of the campaign. It was enough to make fans question his involvement as a starter and more specifically, as a starter in the UEFA Champions League final. However, just like he has done before, he rose up to the occasion and all but cemented his place in the starting lineup next season.

David Alaba – A

What a signing. David Alaba was a new recruit last summer as he arrived on a free transfer after his contract with Bayern Munich ended. People questioned this move by Florentino Perez but questions were quickly answered when the season began. Alaba seamlessly integrated into the team and not only became a favorite under Ancelotti, he became a favorite amongst Madridistas worldwide. In less than a full season, David Alaba became an icon with his “chair celebration” against Paris Saint-Germain. Is Alaba the signing of the season? Some may disagree but there is a very solid argument there.

Nacho Fernandez – B

The loyalty and love for Real Madrid that Nacho Fernandez has is something we do not see very often in football. He is a one-club man and has never complained or moaned about his lack of opportunities and has always been ready to do his job whenever called upon. He has played in some of the biggest games of the season and consistently shows that you can definitely rely on him. Another memorable and successful season under his belt.

Jesus Vallejo – C-

Jesus Vallejo has had a very bumpy time in his Real Madrid career with an extreme lack of playing time and loan deals at different clubs. This season, he stayed at the club but was pretty much forgotten due to not being used at all under Carlo Ancelotti. However, he was able to get some minutes towards the end of the campaign with the league already secured and he did very well. Of course, it’s hard to fully judge a player when nothing’s on the line but that would be unfair to Vallejo because personally for him, a lot is on the line. He wants to succeed at Real Madrid and even though that doesn’t seem likely right now, he is definitely doing all the right things.

Dani Carvajal – C

This is a hard grade to give. When thinking about Dani Carvajal this season, you would be inclined to give him a high grade due to his recent performances. However, those recent performances only helped drastically raise the rating. He hasn’t had a very good season. This was a year full of injuries, worrying drop in form, and even COVID ahead of the Spanish Super Cup. But he got back up and when the team needed him most during the business end of the season, Carvajal proved that not only does he have what it takes, but he is still one of the best right-backs in world football right now.

Ferland Mendy – B

Overall, this is definitely a memorable season for Ferland Mendy. The French left-back has proven himself time and time again. When he was injured early in the season, the team struggled to cover his spot and even though that could be blamed on a lack of quality backups, it also shows his strengths in that position. His defensive game is rarely ever flawed but his offensive work sometimes leaves more to be desired. When he’s on point, he is really on point. However, when he isn’t, he really isn’t. At 26-years-old, he has a lot of time ahead of him and we have already seen improvements in his game, so it will be exciting to see what next season has in store.

Marcelo – C

Our captain. What a career Marcelo has had at this club as he leaves being the most decorated player in the history of Real Madrid. As expected, he didn’t have a great campaign and hasn’t gotten the chance to play much. But we saw some glimpses of his genius and I’m sure that many of us will be following his next career path. Regardless of his age and decline, Marcelo will always produce magic.