Real Madrid Transfers: 3 teams that could return Marco Asensio to stardom

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images) /


The second club making this list is Premier League giants and our historic European rival, Liverpool. The Reds were the first club linked with Marco Asensio as the news spread surfacing his discontent among Real Madrid regarding game time.

With an enormous squad density in their midfield territory and the undisputed presence of Mohamed Salah on the right wing, Asensio will find a hard time establishing his place in the team competing with the likes of Thiago, Harvey Elliott, and Curtis Jones among the ones of his age.

Klopp’s use of his preferred 4-3-3 is expected to remain unchanged with high-profile signing Darwin Nunez replacing Sadio Mane and I can’t see this benefit Asensio if he chooses to join the Premier League side. Also following the 100 million euros acquisition of Nunez will certainly keep Liverpool reluctant when entering a transfer battle for the Spaniard who is expected to cost around 40 million euros.

Now, let’s assume that the transfer is made and Asensio is a Liverpool player, so how does he fit into this Liverpool side?

Klopp will surely have a tough time trying to formulate a position for Asensio that both suits him, and the team while working in sync with the German’s ‘gegenpressing’ tactics. From what we can say from his recent performances at Real, it is certain that Asensio’s work rate is unnoticeable when he takes up a midfield role, however, that changes when he is given a role of a right-winger, he is good at tracking down players and in the long run can set up a good partnership with Trent Alexander Arnold – overlapping each other during attacks but since Liverpool isn’t a Sunday league side, this kind of tactic nearly disarming their own defence will result in even Man United scoring 6 goals against them (no disrespect to my United friends).

I can’t possibly see this transfer happening as both parties will suffer tremendously and Asensio could only be given a number 10 role similar to that what I analysed with Milan, but Klopp will have to make influential changes to his side for enabling Asensio to work his full potential – which is unthinkable and impossible in reality to happen.

He could’ve enjoyed some guaranteed silverware with Liverpool and with his determination, there is a significant chance that he can operate well within Liverpool’s style of attacking play – going in sync with what Asensio wants. Liverpool might want to explore the options of Asensio operating from the left wing following the departure of Mane – Luiz Diaz as his only competitor. Diaz joined Liverpool last season from Porto and has comfortably adapted himself to the left-wing position at Liverpool, Klopp knows that there will be a shortage of competition for the Colombian next season, so to spice things up and help in the development of Luiz Diaz, he will be looking for a player of Asensio’s stature while providing competition on the wings.