Real Madrid: Why Raul has rejected offers to be a first-team manager

Raul, Real Madrid (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)
Raul, Real Madrid (Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid legend Raul Gonzalez prepares to begin his third season as Real Madrid Castilla manager and it’s not because there isn’t interest in him elsewhere. That’s the opposite of what’s actually going on.

According to reports, the former Los Blancos captain has received offers from Leeds as well as Schalke but has decided that the best move forward at the moment is to stay where he is. It’s safe to say that this is slightly unusual as many managers would jump at the chance of moving up the ranks, even if it’s not at the club that currently employs them.

However, Raul seems to have it all planned out.

Raul feels valued at Real Madrid, and is content with the role he has right now

First, it’s worth noting that he’s very happy where he is right now. This is a position that he finds challenging and knows that his work at Real Madrid Castilla isn’t over yet. He’s highly respected at the club, has found a way to get through to his team and also has the admiration of those higher up.

Jorge Valdano knows Raul well and had a lot of time to talk about him earlier in the season as he referred to him as “an unstoppable energy” amongst other very positive things. Raul isn’t limited to just being the manager of the club but he’s very deeply ingrained in what the senior squad needs as well due to his constant conversations with Carlo Ancelotti.

This isn’t something that all senior squad managers have to do with their Castilla co-workers but it is something that Ancelotti finds necessary. He trusts Raul’s judgement and gets updates from him on many of the “kids” in the team who could potentially make the move up at some point. This undoubtedly includes names such as Juanmi Latasa, Miguel Gutierrez, Rafa Marin, Peter Federico and others.

We have seen times where Carlo Ancelotti is photographed watching a Castilla game live whenever his schedule allows it. That not only shows Raul that Ancelotti is keeping an eye on their games but it also instils some fight and belief in the younger players who want to take any opportunity to prove that they are worthy of at least being considered for the senior squad.

Of course, there is possibly another major point to this all: Raul Gonzalez could be the man to take charge of Real Madrid after Carlo Ancelotti leaves. He has reached the heights as a player who moved up from the Castilla squad to become a legend and a captain at the club. Now, he could be making the move up as a manager. Of course, he won’t be the only option, but still, it’s good to know that the ambition is there. Raul’s name has been linked with the job in the past but it was too soon and he would probably admit that as well. But, depending on when Real’s managerial job is vacant next, Raul should be a lot more ready.

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The fact that Raul has decided to stay at the club not only shows his ambition and patience knowing that the time will come when making the move is right. This job isn’t about money, it’s about belief and he believes that at the moment, he’s in the right place.