Vinicius Jr. is taking the Cristiano Ronaldo route to an even bigger season

Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images) /

Vinicius Jr. is brilliant. Vinicius Jr. is the future of Real Madrid, and there is no player on this roster – and only a few more in the world – that bring forward such an electrifying style of play, and make attacking football this fun to watch. The flair, the panache, everything about Vinicius Jr. speaks volumes of how good he is as a player, and how good he wants to look while playing.

This breakout season was nothing short of exemplary. Vinicius improved on all fronts this season. Playmaking, decision making, chance creation, dribbling, and most of all, finishing. This man was completely different from last season in that regard, and it’s so nice to see him make that improvement, and that too, exactly when the team needed it.

But, now, Vinicius Jr. has his eyes set on higher targets. Bigger targets. He wants to improve upon last season, and, from the looks of it, he’s looking like he is taking the Cristiano Ronaldo approach with it.

Dude looks buff.

Vinicius Jr., frankly, is looking absolutely jacked

Do you remember how Cristiano Ronaldo worked on his physique early on in his Real Madrid career — well, to be honest, he worked on it every single season — and how he was always so motivated to improve that he’d maintain his body and even work on it before pre-season?

That’s what Vinicius Jr. is doing, from what it looks like.

He could’ve taken it easy after a season like the one he had, he could’ve started working after pre-season training starts, but he chose to not only maintain his body during his vacation days, but also work on it before the pre-season even began.

That’s the mentality of a winner, and I just know that next season, Vini is going to do even more. He’s going to improve so much, and it’ll show everyone that this last season wasn’t a fluke, if there’s anyone who can possibly even think that way.

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Honestly, with that new hairstyle, the man’s looking like he’s about to score 40 goals next season. I won’t say he will. I’m just saying that if he does, don’t be surprised.