Real Madrid: A Premier League team wants Marco Asensio to be their next superstar

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images) /

Real Madrid are trying to sell Marco Asensio as soon as possible, because they’ve made a decision that they won’t renew his contract. The offers they gave were of the same salary, per reports, and since Asensio hasn’t accepted them, they now want him to be sold.

There were a couple of Premier League clubs linked to Asensio, but there wasn’t really an actual interest from said clubs. That could change here.

According to a report from AS, Newcastle are interested in Marco Asensio, and the tale doesn’t end there: According to the report, they want Asensio to be their main player for the project, their superstar. Asensio, a superstar. Wow!

Newcastle choosing Marco Asensio as their main guy is a mistake, but I’m not complaining

Real Madrid fans know well enough how tough it is to have Marco Asensio at Real Madrid. Well, it’s not like he’s a bad locker room guy. Asensio’s actually pretty decent when it comes to that, he’s never created a fuss or anything with his teammates. But, on the pitch, more often than not, he’s just a very frustrating player to watch.

Asensio doesn’t provide a lot going forward, he doesn’t create many chances, and he doesn’t really do a lot except for scoring a bunch of goals every now and then. The Spaniard is for sure a better player when he’s playing for Spain, but I wouldn’t call him a star, let alone a superstar, or the main guy.

But, I am not complaining at all. If Newcastle truly want him to be their guy, they can have him. It would actually be a pretty good move for all parties involved. Asensio would get a pay rise and some consistent minutes, Newcastle may or may not get a good player, and Real Madrid would earn some money off of Asensio, and get rid of his salary. What else do you need?

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I’m hoping the owners of Newcastle aren’t reading this post, though. Hehe.