Eduardo Camavinga sets his eyes on his next goal at Real Madrid

Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Eduardo Camavinga (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) /

There have been a few revelations at Real Madrid in the last two to three years. Of course, we have the whole Vinicius ascension that happened last season. We also saw Fede Valverde absolutely explode into the scene in 2019 and has since been able to force his way into the starting XI many times.

Then we have Eduardo Camavinga, a player that’s younger than me, and I’m not even old. Camavinga had a good start to his Real Madrid career, but things started progressing very slowly after that. That was, of course, until he rose to the occasion and dropped a fantastic performance against PSG in the second leg of the Champions League Round-of-16.

Since then, Camavinga’s seen more and more minutes as a Real Madrid player, and rightfully so, he’s been fantastic for the team, and I just cannot wait to see him improve and take the starting spot, in the near future.

Camavinga’s next goal at Real Madrid is just that, according to MARCA.

Eduardo Camavinga aims to become a starter at Real Madrid next season

According to the report, Camavinga hired a nutritionist and a personal trainer during his vacation days, who have helped him in getting back in a much better shape. He is stronger than before, and that has pleasantly surprised Real Madrid.

That just sounds like a person who has his eyes set on a specific goal, and is hell-bent on fulfilling it. Camavinga has all the ingredients he needs to be a starter at Real Madrid, and that might happen once Kroos thinks it’s time to take a backseat.

Last season, we did see Kroos struggle in some of the big Champions League games, and it was only after the introduction of Camavinga that the team started to win those games.

However, it must be noted that Toni Kroos had an incredible performance in the Champions League final, and all the people that were calling for his head during the season – and were excited to see him get relegated to the bench next season – might have to wait a little longer.

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Kroos is great. Camavinga is very good. Friendly competition like this is fun. Next season is going to be exciting as all hell.