The main reason why Real Madrid haven’t been able to sell Marco Asensio yet

Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Alvaro Medranda/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Marco Asensio (Photo by Alvaro Medranda/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images) /

I was having a pretty good day, the weather was nice, good vibes and everything. Then I read about Marco Asensio not wanting to leave Real Madrid, and now I am not having a good day.

Jokes, I am, still, the weather is still pretty decent for the city I live in, but Real Madrid need to do something about Asensio. They need to sell him as soon as possible so that they open up to the idea of signing someone as a replacement. Even if they don’t sign anyone, Asensio would be eating up minutes of those who deserve them more.

Almost everyone reliable, particularly Arancha Rodriguez and Mario Cortegana have talked about Asensio not wanting to leave the club.

Well, the club is not offering him a contract renewal, but they do want him to leave as soon as possible because they want to make some money off of his sale. But, now, he’s refusing to move, and I think there is just one reason for that.

According to Cortegana, the club wants him to leave, but due to Asensio’s contract demands, the club has not been able to find a solution to this problem.

Marco Asensio needs to accept that he won’t earn as much money anywhere else

Asensio, when he was offered a contract extension, was looking like a player with a lot to prove. That is why the club offered him a good amount of money, and that’s why they wanted him to stay. And now, it’s the exact opposite. Rather than leaving the club for more playing time, Asensio now chooses to stay simply because his money demands are not being met.

I’d say money is very important, of course it is. But, it’s not like the other clubs would be offering peanuts, is it? It’s not like he can’t get a better and bigger contract  from his future club if he performs well consistently.

Asensio only mentioned that since it’s the World Cup year, it’s important for him to play as much as possible. Well, that is certainly not going to happen at Real Madrid, so why not move?

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Make it make sense, Asensio.