Real Madrid should bring back loaned player next season

Real Madrid. (Photo by Visionhaus)
Real Madrid. (Photo by Visionhaus) /

This summer, many Real Madrid youngsters, including Juanmi Latasa, Antonio Blanco, and Reinier Jesus, were loaned out to other teams. The season will be critical in determining if they should be brought back to the first team picture after studying their progress elsewhere.

However, one such loaned youngster is already showing indications of significant growth on a daily basis, and each passing game strengthens his case for a place in the Real Madrid team next season.

Brahim Diaz is a player Los Blancos should carefully examine in the coming months. The player has piqued the interest of many around the footballing world, and he has showed remarkable growth in Milan, transforming him into a stronger and more mature player.

Brahim has been a crucial component in previous loan periods at AC Milan and continues to be so. He is one such loanee who has begun to yield fruit and made his case for why he is capable of making it big with Real Madrid.

Real Madrid should bring back loan star

The Spaniard has previously experienced many different aspects of football in Italy and England, which has helped him advance to a level where he is quite mature and established at the youthful age of 23.

After the departure of one of Milan’s most significant players, Hakan Calhanoglu, Brahim took over in the attacking midfield position and provided the Rossoneri with dependable assistance in the final third. All of that excellence should now be put to the test on a larger scale at Real.

What distinguishes Brahim is his exceptional ability as a true #10 and a deadly attacking midfielder who can have an immediate impact in the attacking third. He impacts the build-up with his excellent feel of pockets and how to use them to make wide, brilliant passes or to dribble ahead, both of which he excels at.

Brahim is a master of the movement to create openings and shut down tight areas, as well as spreading wide to draw the opponent defence out of place so that his teammates can carry the progression. He is a team player that Real Madrid will adore.

While it is true that Real Madrid’s midfield is stocked with multiple players, the likes of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric may not stay at the club for a long time, which is why approaches for Jude Bellingham are already being made.

Real should place a gamble on Brahim, and the club should consider him for the future once his two-year loan with Milan expires. His present club is also impressed with his performance as a player, and let’s see if Brahim aspires to return to Madrid and become a star where he belongs. Negotiating the conditions of the transfer with AC Milan may be challenging as they are believed to be keen to keep the player and ready to offer substantial price for that.

With Real Madrid seemingly having no intention of extending Marco Asensio’s contract beyond the current season, bringing Brahim back to the club becomes more realistic and concrete as an idea.

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