Asensio is on the rise, but Real Madrid is in a dilemma

Every gameday that Marco Asensio has been benched in favor of the preference of three, sometimes even four forwards has added complexity and ambiguousness to the entire scenario involving the player and Real Madrid.

The key reason for the loss of faith is Asensio’s dip in form, which has scarcely been fruitful, notably last season when he was strongly rebuked for isolating the right flank from the squad and failing to make greater contributions from there.

As a result, Asensio’s contract extension became fraught with uncertainty, as his future at Real Madrid was called into question due to his poor play. Overall, time has not been kind to the Spaniard, who has long battled to make things better.

Asensio has shown a glimmer of hope for redemption lately, though, since his status has improved. He was called in as a late substitution in the last few games, and his growth and advancement were evident. The recent Champions League game against Celtic was a tremendous boost to Asensio’s ambitions, as he introduced a whole new level of himself and significantly affected the game.

Real Madrid should not lose up on Asensio, but there is a puzzle to fix

Asensio played his best game in a long time against Celtic. He was excellent in every move and created multiple scoring and playmaking opportunities. His linkup play with Carvajal, Modric, and Rodrygo in the center was flawless, as the players made smooth moves on the right flank and troubled Celtic’s goalkeeper many times.

He had a keen sense of space and knew how to make the most of it. Back heel passes, one touch linkups, thunderous shoots, and sly through balls; he possessed everything a winger needed and far more than was truly expected of him. He’d overdone himself, and to be honest, it wasn’t anything new.

After the ACL injury, Asensio has always been a player you can’t count on in the long run. He has his own set of top performances on his days, but they arrive in bursts that no one can identify, not even Asensio. He would be the best player on the field one day and the worst the next. And lately, he’s been leaning toward the latter rather than the former.

Inconsistency has long plagued his place in Real Madrid’s team, especially since stronger competition in the shape of Rodrygo and Fede Valverde appeared. Some feel that Asensio is best placed as a super sub, while others argue that he should start games to build consistency. The perspectives are divided, as is Real Madrid’s conundrum regarding his future with the club.

The unreliability of Asensio is far too great to count on

Let’s be clear about something. When you operate a football team and manage players with varying talents and orientations, it all comes down to a game of gamble upon what the future holds. That wager, however, is not made blindly, but rather on the most secure alternative with the maximum possibility of producing a positive benefit.

Asensio is one such gamble that Real Madrid has been unable to commit to. The player has made up his mind: he wants to prove himself and stay, but Los Blancos are skeptical. There is a distinction between trying to prove oneself and really accomplishing it, and Asensio spends a great deal of time in the region between assurance and actuality – the ambiguity.

It’s a difficult scenario. The player wants to give his all and is doing his best to do so, no doubt about it, but Real Madrid is still reeling from the events with Luka Jovic and Eden Hazard, which puts them in a bind with Asensio.

According to rumours, the club is eager to grant Asensio a contract extension, but is it really worth it? Over the last two seasons, Asensio has showed little evidence of consistency, and promises and mentality only get you so far; it’s the real and practical stuff that counts which he has hardly delivered regularly.