Newcastle United are interested in Real Madrid star

Real Madrid (Photo by Visionhaus)
Real Madrid (Photo by Visionhaus) /

Real Madrid’s attitude to departures has been uneven in recent seasons, as they have made some daring selections while also failing to perform the bare minimum on several instances. They were quick to see the negative consequences of extending the contract of an injury-prone Sergio Ramos and unreliable Raphael Varane and took the chance to part ways with them.

At the same time, Los Blancos have been rendered susceptible and powerless in the process of guaranteeing the departure of unproductive players, an attempt at which they have failed horribly several times.

The case involving Mariano Diaz, Luka Jovic, and others has tarnished Real Madrid’s strong reputation in transfer choices. More than the unloading policy, the club has experienced massive losses as a result of spending big amounts of money on players who couldn’t succeed, and such players are not a worthwhile pursuit to attain.

However, the name of one such player who has caused Real Madrid losses in recent seasons is making the rounds and is apparently drawing interest from other clubs abroad who may be interested in signing him. This player is none other than Eden Hazard, who has been disappointing to say the least, but recent events reveal that Real Madrid may have an opportunity to reduce, even if not erase, their losses incurred.

Newcastle United are interested in struggling Real Madrid star

As reported by El Nacional, Newcastle United is the most interested team in Hazard at the moment.

The Magpies were recently taken over by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and is currently in a transition period during which the new owners are aiming to establish a fantastic team in order to compete with the other European heavyweights.

And, of course, to make a strong and appealing squad, you need some of the biggest names in the world, which validates the club’s pursuit of Hazard, who is still largely regarded as one of the finest despite his struggles since joining Real Madrid.

Furthermore, it is evident that Real Madrid is reaping no benefits from having Hazard in the squad. The club are rumoured to be eager to find him a new home before his contract ends in 2024, as it will not only land them a transfer fee but also save them huge amounts in wages.

Real Madrid might anticipate a reasonable offer from Newcastle United to write off some of their losses, but given the Belgian’s sluggish form, expectations should be kept in check.

Anyway, the interest is still believed to be in its early phases, and lets see if it develops into something more tangible and serious.

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