3 Real Madrid players who have no choice but to step-up in 2024/25

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Real Madrid UEFA Champions League Trophy Parade / Antonio Villalba/GettyImages
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2. Ferland Mendy

For a different reason to Ceballos, full-back Ferland Mendy will feel the need to step up in the 2024/25 season. He did not underwhelm last campaign as in fact, he played very well for Real Madrid, making the left-back position his own. However, this is exactly where the problem lies.

Real Madrid will seek the signing of Alphonso Davies. Whether the deal happens this year, next year or even happens at all remains to be seen but the one thing which seems to be for sure is that Real Madrid are open to signing Alphonso Davies. This, no matter how it is shaped, is not good news for Ferland Mendy.

Therefore, while Mendy is an established professional in his own right, he will feel the absolute necessity to step up a level in 2024/25. Next season is the time for the Frenchman to prove himself to be irreplacable in the Real Madrid starting lineup. Fans certainly back him to do that as he has shown elements of quality this season.

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