3 Real Madrid transfers which generated the most profit

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2. Achraf Hakimi (€43m profit)

One of Real Madrid's lesser recognised alumni members is Achraf Hakimi. The Morocco international represented Real Madrid for three years after coming from their academy but to no great success.

Always bursting with energy as an upcoming starlet, Achraf Hakimi was the right person to come through the academy at the wrong time as far as Florentino Perez is concerned. Therefore, his sale to Inter Milan was sanctioned in 2020, for a fee of €43, paid to Real Madrid.

Since Achraf Hakimi didn't cost Real Madrid a dime as an academy player, this €43m cash boost was welcomed by Florentino Perez and since there was no transfer fee involved in making him a Real Madrid player initially, it can be considered raw profit. Therefore, Achraf Hakimi is the second most profitable Real Madrid transfer in history.

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