4 most hated Real Madrid players of all-time

Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid CF - Copa del Rey
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid CF - Copa del Rey / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyImages
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2. Luis Enrique

Of course, Luis Enrique simply had to make this list. There are multiple reasons why Real Madrid fans do not like Luis Enrique and the most obvious reason is that he is a turncoat. As a player, Enrique left Real Madrid after five years to join Barcelona, which is sickening enough for any Real Madrid fan to remember.

Enrique finished his playing career as a Barcelona legend and seemed to have a preference for the Catalan club over the capital, who benefitted his career firstly. Enrique then famously became the Barcelona head coach and, of course, the Spanish national team.

During his time as the national coach, he still do not win over Real Madrid fans. Not only did they remember him as the traitor he proved to be as a player but he gave the Blancos more reason to hate him, since he did not favour Real Madrid players in the Spanish national team. Whether this was on purpose or not, it still did enough to anger the Real Madrid fans, understandably.

If that wasn't enough for Real Madrid fans to dislike Luis Enrique then, in his own words, Enrique said "I see myself on stickers and on television and I feel weird in white," (Marca, 2014)

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