4 most hated Real Madrid players of all-time

Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid CF - Copa del Rey
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid CF - Copa del Rey / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyImages
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3. Pedro León

Unfortunately, former Real Madrid youngster Pedro León went from hero to zero pretty quickly. The winger, who always showed flashes of quality when he was introduced to the field of play, had a horrid attitude and unfortunately, he proved too difficult to coach.

Football is a sport where personalities can take over. Unfortunately for Pedro León, described as a "cocky" individual, his personality made him too big for his boots and this did not sit well at Real Madrid. No player can appear bigger than the club, particularly when the ruthless Jose Mourinho is at the helm.

Famously, Mourinho made life difficult for Pedro León while he was Real Madrid manager. It was only because the experienced manager saw weaknesses in Pedro León, which the former winger unfortunately did not see himself.

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek recalls a story from when Jose Mourinho asked Pedro León to warm up but instead, he ignored instructions and stood stagnant.

In his own words (GOAL, 2021), Dudek said: "We were drawing 0-0 in a game and Mourinho told Pedro Leon to warm up, but he just stood around by the corner flag. I was sitting close to Mourinho and saw his reaction. He was furious: 'Look at his lack of effort! And then he gets offended when he doesn't play!'"

So, while Pedro León did not produce enough to leave a legacy, those who can remember him for his time at Real Madrid, will not have fond memories.

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