5 most expensive Real Madrid signings of all-time

Who are the 5 most expensive Real Madrid signings of all-time? Join The Real Champs, as we run through the list...

Cristiano Ronaldo Receives 'Marca Leyenda' Award
Cristiano Ronaldo Receives 'Marca Leyenda' Award / Borja B. Hojas/GettyImages
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3. Gareth Bale (€101m)

Gareth Bale broke Cristiano Ronaldo's record as Real Madrid's most expensive transfer of all-time in 2013, when he signed from Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. The Welsh winger was signed for a whopping fee of €101m, making him the most expensive British player at the time.

It is difficult to judge whether or not Bale lived up to the expectation when he first signed. In short, Bale was an exceptional player in his own right and the hype of British players from their own media is very difficult to live up to.

Bale's time in Madrid was plagued by injuries. There were also question marks as to whether or not he had the right attitude to become a club legend. There were times when he was fully fit that he struggled to get into the first-team, particularly in the latter stages of his time at Real Madrid, when Zinedine Zidane did not get on with him.

Still, Bale had some great moments, including THAT goal in the Champions League final.

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