5 most expensive Real Madrid signings of all-time

Who are the 5 most expensive Real Madrid signings of all-time? Join The Real Champs, as we run through the list...
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1. Eden Hazard (€115m)

Unfortunately, we have to end this list on a bad note. It won't come as a surprise to many that the most expensive Real Madrid player of all-time is Eden Hazard, who was signed from Chelsea in 2019 for the price tag of €115m.

Hazard has a legendary status at his former club Chelsea. This is why his price tag was inflated but from Real Madrid's perspective, he was the right player at the wrong time.

Hazard made a slow start to life at Real Madrid. Firstly, he arrived out-of-shape, which was not a great first impression for Zinedine Zidane or the Real Madrid faithful. Although he slowly started to pick up form towards the beginning of his first season, the campaign then became plagued by injuries.

Unfortunately this materialised into the sad tale of Hazard's time at Real Madrid. A player who could have provided so much to the club, struggled to find form in the Spanish capital and was certainly not helped by a poor injury record. A flop signing, for sure.


Who do you think will break Eden Hazard's record?