5 players who left Real Madrid too soon

Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain FC - Pre Season Friendly
Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain FC - Pre Season Friendly / John Berry/GettyImages
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5. Clarence Seedorf

Last but certainly not least is the legend of the game, Clarence Seedorf. Newer football fans might not remember much of Clarence Seedorf but they will certainly recognise his name since he is widely regarded as one of the greatest midfielders of all-time.

However, not many will correlate his huge success as a player with Real Madrid. This is understandable, considering it was the move AWAY from Real Madrid which was the catalyst for his incredible legacy, despite being a success at Real Madrid himself.

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With Real Madrid in the late 1990s, Seedorf won the Liga title and the Champions League. However, he was eventually sold to Serie A, where he is certainly considered within the league's hall of fame. Despite being sold to Inter Milan, it was a later move to AC Milan which made Seedorf's career.

Playing in one of the most successful teams of all-time, the former Real Madrid midfielder won two Serie A titles and two Champions League trophies, among other honours. Certainly, he is a fine example of a player who left Real Madrid too soon.


Which players do you recall leaving Real Madrid too soon?