6 players who returned to Real Madrid after leaving

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Real Madrid is an infectious club in the sense that when players arrive, they embody everything the club is about and can never "truly leave." That said, who are 6 players who returned to Real Madrid after leaving?

6 players who returned to Real Madrid after leaving

1. Dani Carvajal

Not many people will remember this, but there was a time early in his career where Real Madrid legend Dani Carvajal actually left the club. In 2012, Bayer Leverkusen signed Dani Carvajal and he made 32 Bundesliga appearances in his debut season. However, it didn't last long before Real Madrid reclaimed their player on a permanent transfer, thankfully so.

In his second spell with Real Madrid, he made his first-team debut and became a club legend, winning everything there is to win at club level.

2. Álvaro Arbeloa

Former Real Madrid right-back Álvaro Arbeloa is mostly known for his second stint with the club as not many can remember his first stint. The former full-back came through Los Blancos' academy and only made 2 Liga appearances in his first spell before being shipped off to Deportivo de La Coruña. After positive spells with them and Liverpool, Real Madrid re-signed Arbeloa in

He is now the manager of Real Madrid Juvenil A, after winning two Champions League titles as a player.

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3. Diego López

After Iker Casillas picked up an unfortunate hand injury, Real Madrid deemed it best to re-sign their former goalkeeper Diego López. Truth be told, Diego López had a much more fortunate second spell in the Spanish capital, playing as the number one keeper for a season and a half, even after Casillas returned from injury.

4. Álvaro Morata

A spoilt turncoat, Álvaro Morata will never receive a great reception at Real Madrid. However, he did return to the club after leaving, spending just one season with the club upon his return. The less said about Morata, the better.

5. José Callejón

Admittedly, José Callejón is mostly remembered for his time with Napoli, where he became a club legend for the Serie A club. However, Callejón was given a second chance as a youngster to prove himself in the Spanish capital, after Real sold him. Spending a further two seasons with Real between 2011-2013 upon his return, Callejón was then sold to Napoli.

6. Mariano Díaz

After showing plenty of promise as a youngster and even scoring a hat-trick in the cup for Real Madrid in his first stint, Mariano Díaz was moved on to Lyon in 2017. Returning to Real Madrid in 2018 after one year in France, it is safe to say that Mariano Díaz did not live up to his potential.