Julian Nagelsmann opens door for Real Madrid legend's return

Austria v Germany - International Friendly
Austria v Germany - International Friendly / Markus Gilliar - GES Sportfoto/GettyImages

There certainly appears to be a bit of a twist when it comes to Toni Kroos' career. Not too long ago, there were rumours of him potentially retiring at the end of the 2022/23 season. But he did end up signing a contract extension with Real Madrid. And now, there is talk of him potentially making a return to the Germany national team.

Kroos retired from international football in 2021. But with the speculation about a return starting to pick up pace rapidly, it certainly feels like something has to be in the works for it to gain so much traction suddenly.

It is worth pointing out that EURO 2024 is set to be held in Germany. The national team has been struggling leading up to the competition though.

Hansi Flick might have done superbly at Bayern Munich but his run as German national team manager was less than impressive. Julian Nagelsmann has replaced him but has not had the best of starts either. He won his first match, 3-1 against USA. But that has been followed by a draw against Mexico and losses to Turkey and Austria.

Nagelsmann opens door for Real Madrid legend's return

As tweeted by iMiaSanMia, when asked about Kroos' possible return to the national team, Nagelsmann told ZDF sportstudio:

"Interesting thought. My job is to think about all German players. Toni is a great person who says his opinion clearly - and a very successful footballer. You can talk to him about everything."

Nagelsmann further went on to add about the matter:

"I think playing a Euros at home is an attractive prospect for all German players. It depends on him, his performances and on other players."

So, Nagelsmann has pretty much kept the door open for Kroos to make a potential return to the German national team. And it is not hard to see why the prospect might interest the Real Madrid icon as well.

He has won everything that there is to win in football, except for the EUROs. The fact that there is an opportunity to do so in Germany, should make the prospect of returning to the national team even more attractive.