Manchester United legend makes superb claim about Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham

Manchester United v Brentford FC - Premier League
Manchester United v Brentford FC - Premier League / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Jude Bellingham was signed by Real Madrid from Borussia Dortmund in the 2023 summer transfer window. It's fair to say that approaching the end of the season, Jude Bellingham has been a "hit" transfer and he was worth every penny.

However, in an alternative universe, Jude Bellingham could still be playing in England as he was also wanted by a host of Premier League clubs (unsurprisingly given his stature as an England international).

Manchester United and Liverpool were among the clubs interested in signing Jude Bellingham but in truth, he was probably at the back of every successful Premier League club's mind.

Manchester United legend makes superb claim about Real Madrid’s Jude Bellingham

According to a report by The Telegraph, Manchester United legend Bryan Robson has revealed that he believed Jude Bellingham was about to sign for Manchester United before he signed for Real Madrid. This was after Robson and Eric Cantona (who wasn't a bad player himself) met with Jude and his family at Old Trafford. He hilariously recalled the interaction and said:

"It was really disappointing, We were at Carrington and Sir Alex Ferguson was there a little earlier than I was, but Eric [Cantona] and I met [Jude Bellingham], and his mum and dad, we were chatting away. It was really looking promising that he was going to be signing for Manchester United. Me and Eric did a rubbish job as he signed for Borussia [Dortmund]. We thought we had him in the bag."

You cannot fault Robson for trying. After all, as an established England international himself, Robson can spot a star when he sees one and it doesn't take a genius to locate that Jude Bellingham is world-class.

Of course, we all know the ultimate destination for Jude Bellingham was Real Madrid. However, at the time before his signing, it was up in the air as clubs formed a not-so-orderly queue to sign him. If anything, it is a testament to his incredible work rate and attitude as a youngster that he had legends of the game trying to make him sign for their respective clubs.

In his first La Liga season, Bellingham has made 23 appearances, scored 16 goals and provided four assists. That is an incredible return and more than Carlo Ancelotti could ask for. Just imaging Jude in the starting lineup alongside Kylian Mbappe and the like next season... A dreamy thought, for sure.


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