Ranking the 5 best players who played for Real Madrid and Barcelona

The FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Club Badges
The FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Club Badges / Visionhaus/GettyImages
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3. Luis Figo

Here we go. Here’s one that Real Madrid fans will remember fondly, primarily because Luis Figo LEFT Barcelona to join Real Madrid in 2000. Despite being one of the best players in the world, Barcelona were silly enough to include a buyout clause in his contract, which Real Madrid of course, triggered. 

Luis Figo signing for Real Madrid remains one of the most controversial transfers ever and he is the poster-boy for the Real Madrid vs Barcelona rivalry. In fact, many look back at when Figo first played against Barcelona in a Real Madrid shirt and remember this as one of the most hostile El Clasico meeting in history.

Moving to the Spanish capital, the Galactico did not disappoint. If anything, he played better at Real Madrid than he did with Barcelona, securing a whole new set of fans. He is one brave guy, it must be said.

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