Real Madrid president brilliantly responds to Kylian Mbappe question

  • Real Madrid are linked to Kylian Mbappe
  • A contract is thought to be tabled for the Frenchman
  • Florentino Perez has brilliantly had his say
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As fans of the sport worldwide, it is impossible to avoid seeing the name Kylian Mbappe. The Frenchman broke onto the scene at Monaco as a youngster, before signing for Paris Saint-Germain in 2017, initially on loan. Throughout his career, though, Mbappe has always seemed destined to join one club - Real Madrid.

After years of trying, it looks like this summer may finally be time for Mbappe to arrive at the Santiago Bernabeu. Los Blancos are crafting one of the best teams in Europe and when you consider their amount of young talent, the future is truly terrifying for everyone except Madrid.

The most recent big update with the Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid saga came from Fabrizio Romano, who revealed that the contract had been tabled for Mbappe and it looks good, there are just a few minor details to address.

Although Romano is one of the most reliable sources of information in the world, where Real Madrid are concerned, Florentino Perez often has the final say. The Real Madrid president since 2000 has been the face of the club and he has a great relationship with fans and players who are set to join the club.

Real Madrid president brilliantly responds to Kylian Mbappe question

That said, Real Madrid fans will be incredibly excited and humoured by Florentino Perez' recent interaction with a fan. According to a translation by Get Football News Spain, the fan said to Perez that Real Madrid must sign Kylian Mbappe and Alphonso Davies. To which, Perez responded "Who is Mbappe? Who is Davies?"

You can't pull the wool over our eyes, Florentino.

This is the exact reason why Perez is so popular in Madrid and why he won the elections in 2000. He has plenty of personality and he understands what is best for the club. If Real Madrid do pull through to sign Mbappe and Davies, fans can guarantee Perez played a big role in it.


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