Reason Kylian Mbappe has not announced Real Madrid move

France v Germany - International Friendly
France v Germany - International Friendly / Franco Arland/GettyImages

Real Madrid fans have been waiting for some official news surrounding Kylian Mbappe's future for quite a while now. Several outlets across the globe have claimed that the deal is as good as done and the Frenchman will be wearing the Royal White jersey from next season. But considering the number of twists and turns that have been there in this saga already, nothing should be taken for granted until an anouncement is made.

Mbappe is having a glorious season with PSG once again, arguably his best ever. But all of it has been clouded by the uncertainty around his future.

Now, there seems to be some clarification on why no announcement has been made already. And it is to do with the fact that both PSG and Real Madrid are still in the Champions League, and could potentially end up facing each other.

As reported by SPORT, Jerome Rothen, former PSG player and RMC Sport commentator, said when discussing why Mbappe has not made an announcement yet:

"As long as there is the possibility of seeing PSG-Real Madrid, he will not do it. He will not announce anything."

Reason Mbappe has not announced Real Madrid move

It is easy to understand why Mbappe might not be keen to make an announcement about joining Real Madrid, in case they end up coming up against PSG in the Champions League this season. That would create a terrible atmosphere around the tie.

Of course, both PSG and Real Madrid have tough opposition in the last 8 of the Champions League. The former will take on Barcelona while the latter will look to get the better of Manchester City this time around, having lost in the semi-finals against them last season.

Could Mbappe give Real Madrid fans a taste of what is to come by eliminating Barcelona from the Champions League? He has done so in the past, back when Mauricio Pochettino was PSG manager.