Real Madrid: Vinicius Junior scores against Mallorca with a filthy chip (Video)

Vinicius Junior gave Real Madrid an early leg up vs. Mallorca.

Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid has been looking sharp since the return of La Liga, he’s done just about everything, but score. In today’s match against Mallorca, he’s hushed the critics after a sweet chip into the back of the net as her burst towards the goal line. 

What seemed to be a counter-attack from the visiting side quickly came to halt after a challenge from Dani Carvajal in the middle of the park. The players in red looked to the referee in confusion as Carvajal seemed to come across the body of his defender but no foul was called.

Heading the other way Federico Valverde made the heads up play spanking the ball forward to Luka Modric. The Croatian star was patient and waited for the oncoming Vinicius Junior, who came down the wing full speed ahead.

It seemed as though the Brazilian would have a Bambi like moment where his feet are moving faster than his mind. Nonetheless, he got it together dribbling into the box with a swarm of defenders in front of him. Vinicius elected to continue his category left of the keeper and scooped the ball up and over the keeper for the first goal of the came.

The goal was most certainly a sigh of relief as Mallorca showed no fear against Madrid taking their chances in front of Thibaut Courtois as well. Mallorca’s manager was, of course, furious with the challenge from Carvajal and was shown a yellow card for his protest.

Vinicius capitalized on his chance making up for his blunder earlier in the match after a good chance in front of Manola Reina an opportunity Karim Benzema would have killed to have himself.

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Real Madrid has been on the front foot since the goal from the young Brazilian with plenty of chances in their favor. Unsurprisingly, Vinicius, who looked like an inferno on the ball today, took another chipped shot at Mallorca net but the ball was kept out by the crossbar.

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