Real Madrid Transfers: Don’t believe the Vinicius Junior to Manchester United rumors

Although there will most likely be a transfer completed between Real Madrid and Manchester United this summer for star center back Raphael Varane, don’t waste your energy worrying about Real sending a promising winger to the Premier League in another deal.

Vinicius Junior to United has made the rounds in the United Kingdom as one of those usual tabloid rumors that throws out something semi-plausible to see if it sticks. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether there were PSG or even Liverpool rumors, Real’s stance on Vini has been clear. He is not for sale. And when the president backs a player, that’s all there is to it.

The 21-year-old has been a serious investment from Florentino Perez, who spent nearly 50 million euros to sign him from Flamengo a few years ago. Vinicius has yet to explode, but he has absolutely shown moments of brilliance, such as in the first Clasico of 2020 and in the first leg of a Champions League Round of 16 triumph this year over the Reds.

MadridistaReal refutes the latest rumors linking Vinicius Junior to Manchester United, and they reiterate that Vini does not want to leave the club he loves while Perez is, once again, not even thinking about transferring the promising winger.

Real Madrid will continue to back Vinicius Junior

There have been ups-and-downs, especially in front of goal, but Vini is on a positive trajectory and brings something special on the ball that nobody else on Real Madrid does. Vini is a potential game-changer with a great mentality. He respects his teammates, the club, the managers, and the fans. And he is eager to learn and improve.

So it is reportedly false that Real Madrid have offered Vinicius to the Red Devils, as it should be. Vini is not a player you simply offer up for sale. He is a player Los Blancos have backed over the years since he joined from Brazil, and he is a player they will continue to back over the next couple of years, no matter what is said about him.

There is only one way he moves to a different team, and that is on a temporary basis via a loan. Even that seems unlikely, seeing how he has not been loaned to this point. A team may try to tempt Real Madrid with a high transfer offer, but, again, it is highly unlikely he goes. And it is just about impossible to envision Real actively offering him.

So if you are a United fan, move along to the next rumor. Why would they even sign anyone after investing in a tremendous player in Jadon Sancho? And if you are a Real Madrid fan, do not be worried about the ramblings linking Vini to England.