Real Madrid have to sign Mbappe this summer or Varane’s transfer will go in vain

Well, it is tough being a Real Madrid fan at the moment, and it only gets worse after Fabrizio Romano’s recent tweet. The ever-reliable Italian journalist has tweeted his famous ” Here we go” for Raphael Varane‘s move to Manchester United.

Personal terms have been agreed and the transfer fee between the two clubs will be agreed on shortly. It’s only a matter of hours/days before Varane is presented as a new Manchester United signing.

Nonetheless, every cloud has a silver lining and Raphael Varane’s imminent transfer to Manchester United has a positive side to it as well.

Firstly, it’s always better to cash in on a player whose contract expires within a year and has shown no intention of renewing terms. Secondly, Real Madrid are expected to receive 50 million euros from this deal and this money can be put to good use. Let’s get to that.

Raphael Varane’s sale should be used to facilitate the arrival of Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Kylian Mbappe is a dream pairing that every Madridista is waiting to see. The 22-year-old is on the back of an expiring contract and according to his entourage, a renewal with PSG is not on the cards.

Marca has reported that Mbappe has told Pochettino he will not renew, so now the ball is firmly in Madrid’s court. PSG will most likely not take the risk of letting the Frenchman leave for free, so a transfer this summer could be possible if Real meet their asking fee.

Given the 22-year-old’s contract situation, PSG themselves do not have much bargaining power or room to work with in this situation. They would have to indeed let Mbappe leave for a discounted fee of 120-125 million euros as opposed to the initial 150-180 million euros.

With Varane’s move to United, Real will receive 50 million euros, a figure that is more than enough for Madrid to put to good use in their bid to land Mbappe. The club can easily afford another 70 million euros to sign their wanted Galactico.

Florentino Perez has to get moving fast and expedite negotiations once Varane’s transfer is confirmed. If Real move quick and push for a transfer, then Kylian Mbappe’s signing is a possibility. And after all, Varane’s sale will not go in vain.