Real Madrid wisely looking into midfield, CB options in summer transfer window

Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

I think it’s pretty clear to Real Madrid, after this disastrous performance against Barcelona, that the team needs some serious reinforcements in many positions. It really, really can’t keep going on like this, and changes have to be made.

There have been rumors about signing Tchouameni, Antonio Rudiger and so many other players, and I hope those rumors don’t just stay as rumors.

According to Fabrizio Romano, the club is seriously looking into some midfielders and centre-backs, and will make their decision in the summer transfer window.

Real Madrid desperately need a defensive midfielder, a right-back and a centre-back

I know Fabrizio Romano doesn’t really mention a right-back in the plans, but if you watched the two games against Paris Saint-Germain, and the Clasico on Sunday night, you will have noticed how fast Dani Carvajal has declined, and signing a right-back seems to be the most logical choice. MARCA reports that they are considering Pedro Porro as an option, but it remains to be seen if those are just rumors that make the fans think that something is going on when it actually isn’t.

As for the two positions Romano does talk about, those are needed as well. If it hasn’t been clear for a couple of years now that Casemiro can’t be the only defensive midfielder in this team, well, it’s crystal clear now.

It’s not that he was the worst player vs Barcelana; he was pretty bad, but he had some crucial defensive interventions. Let’s not think about that though, let’s not focus on the positives for once. The team craves a defensive midfielder that doesn’t crumble under pressure from the opponents. Someone who is defensively sound and press-resistant at the same time. Tchouameni is one of them, and Real Madrid must do anything they have to do to sign him this season.

Real Madrid’s centre-back partnership had its worst performance of the season, by quite some distance. Real Madrid cannot continue with just three centre-backs for an entire season once more. It can’t be done. Real Madrid need a centre-back so dearly.

Even Nacho Fernandez can’t be counted on as a third choice centre-back anymore, in my opinion, as the mistakes and gambles he makes are far too many for a third-choice centre-back. Moving him down a little in the pecking order and signing a centre-back seems like the right choice.

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The club needs to figure these positions out as soon as possible – and a number of other things as well – otherwise, we’re looking at another underwhelming season, even with Kylian Mbappe.