Real Madrid fans can’t help but laugh at Xavi, Barcelona after record-setting embarrassment

Barcelona, Xavi (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)
Barcelona, Xavi (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images) /

Remember when we were all freaking out about how Real Madrid inexplicably lost 4-0 to Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu? 

Sure, it was an all-time bad El Clasico and a disastrous coaching performance from Carlo Ancelotti. But since then, Real are the ones cruising to the league title and in the Champions League semifinals, whereas Barcelona were sent crashing out of the EUROPA LEAGUE and have suffered setback after setback in LaLiga.

The latest defeat is their third straight at home, which is a record for consecutive losses at home in a single season. After Eintracht Frankfurt fans invaded Camp Nou and cheered their team on in an upset of La Blaugrana – Eintracht, by the way, are merely ninth in the Bundesliga – Barça have lost to Cadiz and Rayo Vallecano.

And they were supposed to be title contenders.

Barcelona’s 1-0 loss to Real Madrid-owned left back Fran Garcia and local rivals Rayo Vallecano is their second 1-0 loss to the newly-promoted side this season. The other loss was all the way at the beginning of the season under Ronald Koeman. In both matches, La Blaugrana received 19 combined minutes of added time in the second half, meaning they could not score against Rayo in at least 200 minutes, counting first-half added time!

Predictably, Real Madrid fans are laughing at the misfortune of Barcelona fans, who were all too eager to proclaim themselves “back” after one stunning performance…forgetting their own adage of consistency being necessary to win league titles.

Undoubtedly, Xavi has helped the team and is less of an embarrassment at press conferences – or in his personnel decisions – than Koeman. But it is startling to think that Barcelona have made all these moves yet ended up no closer to their final goal. You could say they kept things closer by not being 12 MORE points behind Madrid, but, alas, that counts for very little.

Of course, not every Madridista is laughing. As you can see above, it’s bittersweet to think that Real Madrid were so, so close to the league title last year despite all of the injuries.

Not even the tall grass can stop these kinds of records!

Someone, please put Jordi Alba under 24/7 police protection! We still need Jules Kounde to be able to throw a ball at his face again!

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But to be fair, Allah has bigger priorities than saving a club that almost ran itself into bankruptcy.

It’s always fun to have a bit of a laugh at Barcelona’s expense, but Real Madrid fans know as well as anyone that it is most important to keep an eye on the prize. LaLiga may be sewn up, but the Champions League looms large. And something tells me former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola will have quite the tactical red carpet rolled out for the mercurial Carlo Ancelotti.