Kylian Mbappe needs to see this Luka Modric quote about joining Real Madrid

Real Madrid, Luka Modric (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Luka Modric (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) /

Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid was a transfer held with almost uncertainty up until Thursday, when reports suddenly emerged from a number of outlets stating that Los Blancos were now nervous about the PSG superstar changing his mind.

While the nature of those reports has been exaggerated to some extent, it is true that Mbappe has been dragging out this saga, and there is no guarantee he will move to the Santiago Bernabeu amidst all the political, financial, and even internal pressure to stay in Paris.

But as Mbappe mulls his decision with his official announcement expected to drop some time after Saturday’s match against Metz, he should take note of this quote from Real Madrid legend Luka Modric.

In an interview with the appropriately named Futbol Emotion, the all-time great center midfielder opened up about his move to the Bernabeu from Tottenham and how badly he wanted to make the transfer happen, via Madrid Zone on Twitter:

Kylian Mbappe’s situation is different to Luka Modric’s, but the words still apply

Now, Modric was not under the same pressure that Kylian Mbappe is, as he is being hounded by the political leaders of two countries, Qatar and France, in order to stay at PSG and in Ligue 1. The fact that he is a former World Cup winner and the face of the French national team probably does not make things easier.

But Modric’s words are those reflected by so many other great players who chose Real Madrid over other clubs, including Mbappe’s idol Cristiano Ronaldo. They did whatever they could to move to Madrid, regardless of what anyone else said or the circumstances.

Mbappe must do the same, otherwise his childhood dream will not be fulfilled. There are definitely benefits to being with PSG, given the money and the potential decision-making power for the left winger. But if he wants to follow his heart, the likes of Modric can provide him examples of how to follow that path.

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That said, many Madridistas wish Mbappe made his intentions clearer so that there was not this last-minute drama, which was never the case for these other high-profile, Galactic transfers.