Rodrygo Goes bodies Barcelona, says Real Madrid have no rivals

Real Madrid, Rodrygo Goes (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Rodrygo Goes (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Rodrygo Goes’ season was an overall success is what I would say. It didn’t come without its downs, including something that rival fans continue to point out, his three league goals. But, when it mattered most, Rodrygo showed up, and the same can’t be said about Real Madrid’s rivals.

Actually, Rodrygo had a lengthy interview recently, where he talked about all things Real Madrid, what went down before the final, what happened after, during, everything. He also took some time to talk about Barcelona, and in that short span of time, he completely bodied the entire club.

When talking about Real Madrid’s “rivals”, Rodrygo said this:

"“If the biggest rivalry is with Barcelona or Atlético? It’s Barcelona, but I think Real Madrid has no rival, they say ‘Our biggest rival is Real Madrid’ and we don’t even care about them.”Rodrygo, via MadridXtra"

Rodrygo’s words do have some truth to them, don’t they?

Look, before any Barcelona fan starts getting angry at Rodrygo, maybe you should think about what he said. Yes, you defeated Real 4-0. Congratulations. The club still finished 13 (thirteen) points ahead, and had the league title wrapped up weeks before the last game was supposed to be played.

The rivalry is what Barcelona fans live and die by these days, because really, there’s not a lot going for them apart from the bragging rights for the Clasico win. They had another trophyless campaign. Real Madrid went home with three trophies.

Besides, let’s not even consider this season. Let’s talk about things in general. Real Madrid are the best team in the world; their mentality is unmatched and it takes them to the highest possible level, and no club can compete with them once they’re at that level.

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So, tell me, would Real Madrid consider themselves their biggest rivals, so they push themselves even harder, or would they think that way of Barcelona, a team that has one trophy in the last three seasons combined?

I think you know the answer. I love Rodrygo so much. Hallelujah.