What needs to happen for Real Madrid to sign a striker this summer

Real Madrid, Florentino Perez (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Florentino Perez (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

After making the signings of Aurelien Tchouameni and Antonio Rudiger, Real Madrid have slowed down a little bit. They are focusing on sales and renewals at the moment, per multiple reports as well as from the words of Florentino Perez in his exclusive Chiringuito TV interview not too long ago.

There are a number of players that Real Madrid would look to find a new home for this summer, because they are occupying roster spots and aren’t really helping the team in any way. Some help more than others, but in reality, the club can do without them, either because the player has talent but doesn’t fit the style, or the player is simply not good enough for the club.

Two players that have come up the most regarding a possible departure are Marco Asensio and Luka Jovic. Jovic, as we know, is in talks with Fiorentina, and a move may become official soon, if all goes well. With Asensio, it’s a bit tricky, but he should leave as well, because there is one way the club will get a striker, and it will be if these two players leave the team, according to Carlos Carpio of MARCA, via MadridXtra.

Marco Asensio and Luka Jovic would have to leave the club for Real Madrid to sign a striker

“Anything can happen in the summer”, said Florentino Perez in his interview. The club would definitely look to buy players if they are able to sell some.

By clearing some depth in the attacking positions, the club would consider signing a striker so that they are able to have more players in rotation. Of course, Juanmi Latasa could fill the role of a backup striker, which is why I’d be more interested in signing a right-winger, if I am Florentino Perez.

By getting rid of Asensio’s and Jovic’s salaries, the club would have room to give good contracts to good players, and honestly, even though we have Rodrygo already as a right-winger, I really think that another player, if Asensio leaves – and he should – would prove to be very useful for the club.

Signing a striker wouldn’t make as much sense because, well, we already have the best striker in the world, and signing a young striker would mean that he won’t play much, kind of like what happened with Jovic, although there is a lot more to it than just that. And, as I said, Latasa could prove to be a good enough backup for Benzema, so there really isn’t need for a striker for at least one more season.

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The right-wing position is more open, and frankly, in need of some depth and improvement. Signing someone there would be so great for this Real side, who are looking to defend their Champions League crown next season.