Another player Real Madrid are desperately trying to convince to leave

Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti. (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti. (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid need to take care of their sales as soon as possible, because otherwise, there would be no more room for new signings to take place. As Florentino Perez said in the recent El Chiringuito interview, anything can happen as the summer is long, but the club would need to sell first.

There are a bunch of players that want more game time, and there are some that want to fulfil their contract before moving to another club. Jesus Vallejo is one of those players, and, according to reports, he does not want to leave the club this season.

According to Jorge Picon, Vallejo wants to continue at the club and the club would have to convince him to leave.

Vallejo not wanting to leave Real Madrid is a problem they brought on themselves

I think the club is realising the fact that they can’t just give out contract extensions anymore. Look at the cases that have happened in the last few years. Real would give some players undeserved contract extensions, and when they don’t perform as well as the club expected them to, they’d look to move them.

Some players take up those moves, like Jovic, who is close to joining Fiorentina on loan. But there are others like Vallejo and Mariano to whom the club gave bad contracts, and now, they’re paying the price.

The club can’t just give away contracts like that, and they are realising it now. The players have every right to stay at the club throughout the remainder of the contract so that they’re able to earn the money they wouldn’t earn at any other club.

That being said, the players also need to get their careers back on track, don’t they? Vallejo is currently 25, and although he doesn’t quite make our list of the top 75 Real Madrid players of all time, he is still fresh off the back of some great cameos for the club, and there are offers from teams like Espanyol. It’s all a matter of when he thinks it’s time to move forward. Real Madrid would obviously want that to happen now, but it’s tough.

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Even though everyone knows he is not going to get minutes with the arrival of Antonio Rudiger, he still might stay around for at least another season at the club. Real are trying to convince him to leave, according to this report, but they know that the player has every right to stay.