Real Madrid set to finalise sales for two of their players soon

Real Madrid, Florentino Perez (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Florentino Perez (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid, as has been told by so many reporters and reports in the last few weeks, are focusing on sales at the moment. They’ve taken a pause on new additions, and they’d only go for new players once they’re able to finalise some departures.

Well, I am pretty sure that at least one player in the senior squad is going to find a new home.

According to the reliable Fabrizio Romano, as well as many, many other reporters, Real Madrid are going to sign documents for two deals with Serie A clubs this week. Luka Jovic will be joining Fiorentina, and Mario Gila would go to Lazio.

Luka Jovic’s move from Real Madrid to Fiorentina is a permanent deal

I wasn’t really expecting a free transfer of Luka Jovic, to be quite honest. I wanted him to move, and I really thought that he had no future at Real Madrid, but I was expecting Real to get a transfer fee out of the other club, at the very least. I know the fee wasn’t going to be a lot, Jovic’s stocks aren’t that high right now.

I would’ve liked the club to get some sort of money out of it, but it’s better than the alternative; sending him out on loan and having him back at the club at the end of next season, while also having to pay part of their wages during the season.

The club doesn’t have to do that, and the agreement includes a sell-on clause that will bring 50% of his future transfer fee to Real Madrid, if he is sold by Fiorentina.

So, Real would get a good amount of money if Jovic can get his career back on track and is able to move to another club for a good fee. I think the club would take that over being forced to pay wages to a player that they don’t need. Mariano. Take the hint, man.

As for Mario Gila, it doesn’t open up a roster spot for any signing because he was originally registered with Castilla. I would’ve liked him to succeed at Real Madrid, because I think he can become a great centre-back, but I just didn’t see him playing for the first team anytime soon.

Even if he did get a call-up or two, he just wouldn’t have the consistency he needs to really make a name for himself, so it’s better for him to move to a club where he’d get minutes, and I think Lazio would be a good spot for him.

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I think this storyline can apply for many players that have previously played for Real Madrid but haven’t ever had a proper chance to show their talent, and it will continue to happen for other players in the future. As Zidane said once, it sucks that the manager can’t pick all the players for a game, and it applies to Real Madrid more than it applies for any other club.