Real Madrid Transfers: A LaLiga club might actually be pushing hard to sign Mariano

Real Madrid, Mariano Diaz (Photo by Jose Manuel Alvarez/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Mariano Diaz (Photo by Jose Manuel Alvarez/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Mariano’s been at the club for around four years now, and I haven’t seen a more unified answer to which player Real Madrid fans want to see leaving the most. Everyone knows that Mariano doesn’t do enough for the club to warrant a spot on the roster, so it makes much more sense for him to leave than to stay.

But Mariano never leaves. He’s usually pretty hell-bent on staying and fulfilling his contract because he knows he’s not going to earn the same amount of money elsewhere. But, maybe it’s time to leave and get your career moving, eh, Mariano?

According to Miguel Ángel Toribio, Getafe are very interested in signing Mariano, and they’re trying to convince Mariano to join them.

Getafe could be a great spot for Mariano to find his spark again

Let’s be real here: Mariano will never be an important player at Real Madrid, he’s never going to get significant minutes, and it doesn’t make sense for him to stay at the club and not play, when there are many clubs that actually can use a striker like him.

There are actually a number of mid-table La Liga / Ligue 1 clubs that Mariano could find success at, and Getafe is definitely one of them. If he doesn’t move this time around, he’d just be wasting his career and he might even miss out on some great opportunities. If he doesn’t go now, Getafe might not want him again. I guess the same can be said about other clubs.

For Mariano, money is a very important factor, which is fair. It’s hard for Getafe to offer him the same amount of money that he currently earns at Real Madrid.

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But, I do think that even if they’re able to offer something close to that, Mariano should take it and get his career moving, because God knows he needs to do that already.