Real Madrid: Vinicius Jr. bodies Kylian Mbappe with hilarious message to teammates

Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. (Photo by JAVIER SORIANO/AFP via Getty Images) /

Vinicius Jr. absolutely loves Real Madrid and everything else that surrounds it. It’s pretty clear now. Whenever he scores, he’s always pointing toward the club’s badge, and it always brings a smile to my face. And, from the looks of it, he loves his spot as a Real Madrid starter as well.

Vinicius had a breakout season in 2021-22, and it’s pretty clear that the left-wing spot is his and his alone, regardless of any potential signings Real make this season. Now, we all know that Kylian Mbappe was supposed to join next season, until he re-signed with PSG. So, had he joined, he would’ve demanded the left-wing spot, right?

Well, Vini didn’t think so. Read this:

My king. Absolutely bodied Mbappe, in my opinion.

Vinicius Jr. deserves to keep his spot on the left-wing, with or without Mbappe

Vinicius isn’t as good on the right as he is on the left, and although that might change in the future, what wouldn’t change is the fact that his best football would always come from the left. For Mbappe, it’s different, because he’s great everywhere. The difference between his production on the right-wing to the production on the left-wing isn’t big enough to switch Vinicius to a position that he’s clearly not great at, yet.

Vini has a right to that position. He’s made it his own in the last three seasons, and he fully deserves to keep it. I am pretty sure even Carlo Ancelotti said last season that no matter who arrives in the summer, Vinicius’ position will not change. Maybe he said it at the time to avoid the question, but in hindsight, it’s true. Vini is an excellent winger, and he’ll only get better as the time goes on.

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Anyone who thinks that Vinicius Jr. is not a superstar is lying to themselves, and once Karim Benzema’s time on the throne is over, we all know who’s about to follow suit, don’t we? It’s not going to be a Frenchman, this time.