Real Madrid need to loan out two youngsters as soon as possible

Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid have a bunch of youngsters that are surplus to requirements, and out of those players, at least a couple are going to end up staying. Dani Ceballos wants to go back to Betis, but Betis haven’t sent a proper offer, and they don’t want to offer the 15 million Real want for him. Vallejo wants to stay and end his contract, for some reason. Marco Asensio is a different beast altogether.

But, they’re not the only two players that Real Madrid want to move.

Takefusa Kubo and Reiner Jesus are two players that Real want to loan out. They’re not ready to be first-team players, and frankly, I don’t even think they’re good enough. But, Real want to loan them out as soon as possible.

According to Mario Cortegana, that’s because of the lack of non-EU spots on the roster. The club is looking to send Kubo to Real Sociedad, but not on a permanent transfer. And they’re trying to look at options for Reiner Jesus, and apparently, Valladolid are interested. They want this done before the US tour, which is unlikely but not impossible.

Real Madrid should let Kubo leave for Sociedad permanently

Kubo hasn’t performed as well as anyone expected him to in La Liga. His first season was good, but his second was mediocre, and his third had its sparks, but wasn’t really that consistent. He hasn’t made a lot of improvement in his three seasons playing in the league, and I think that the options that Real Madrid have on his positions just wouldn’t allow Kubo to be a proper first-team player.

It’ll be better to sell him to Sociedad where he’d get opportunities, and it’ll also get Real Madrid a transfer fee.

As for Reiner, I have absolutely no hopes for him. I don’t know how good he can be as a player, because I have never seen him play consistently on a professional level.

I don’t think Real have any hopes for him, but his market value is very low right now, which is why sending him out on loan is the right choice. If he’s able to find his footing and be a decent player for Valladolid, Real might get a decent enough fee for him.

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But I don’t see a future for either of these players, the only thing I am hoping for is to see them go out on loan, perform well and hopefully get sold for a good enough price.