Real Madrid keeping tabs on another talented striker prospect

Real Madrid, Florentino Perez (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Florentino Perez (Photo by Mateo Villalba/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid need a striker. I don’t think there is any other way I can put it that would have more emphasis than it already does. Real Madrid’s depth in the attack is horrible, and there is no chance Real Madrid can go into next season thinking their squad is OK. It’s not. It’s a very, very good squad, but it needs work, most importantly in the attack.

There were reports emerging on Monday and Tuesday that Real will go for a striker. Combine that with Mayoral potentially leaving, and Mariano being rumored to leave as well, Real Madrid would do well to find a striker that fits their need.

To be honest, this wasn’t the striker I was expecting them to sign, considering he is very young, and he might not play for the first team if he is signed.

But Real Madrid, according to multiple reports by Ramon Alvarez and Relevo, are keeping tabs on Iker Bravo, who currently plays for Bayer Leverkusen. He’s one of the most valued young prospects, and they look at this potential signing as a reinforcement for the future. Good stuff.

Even if Real Madrid sign Iker Bravo, they would still need one more striker

Let’s be honest: Iker Bravo, talented as he may be, will not play for the first team if he is signed this season. He will probably play for Castilla, and depending on his quality, will go from there.

Maybe he stays at Castilla and improves until it is Benzema’s time to retire, or he goes on loan until Benzema starts declining a little bit, and if all goes well, he might even lead the line for Real Madrid one day. But that is not going to happen this season.

Real need a backup striker, a scorer, off the bench, who is preferably not very young. This signing – if it is completed at some point – should not make Real believe that they’ve done what they were supposed to do in terms of offense reinforcement.

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They still very much need a prolific scorer off the bench, who doesn’t mind playing off the bench. The options are limited, but they do exist. Real Madrid need to start looking.