Real Madrid: Is it time to part ways with Eden Hazard?

The situation of Eden Hazard at Real Madrid is a strange one. We all know what he was once capable of but we have never been able to see it in the Royal White jersey. Injuries have played their part in making his Spanish journey difficult and even though he seems to be fully fit and recovered now, it might just be a bit too late.

Carlo Ancelotti aiming to play him as a false nine looks less like an innovative idea and more like the only way the Belgian gets some playing time. When you’re on as big a contract as Hazard, you should be playing regularly. Technically, you should be starting every week but that is not expected to happen anytime soon and therefore the next best thing is cameo appearances off the bench.

Hazard can still be very useful, he has already shown us that in glimpses as a substitute this season. No one can deny that he’s determined to turn things around and show that his transfer isn’t what many people say it is – the worst in Real Madrid history. That is not how he wants to be remembered at Santiago Bernabeu.

Regardless of how determined he is though or how much Ancelotti would like to give him a chance, unfortunately there seems to be no consistent place in the team for him at the moment. On the left, Vinicius Junior has cemented his spot and is almost undroppable. The Belgian could come in for him at times, but he won’t start ahead of him. Rodrygo can play on the left as well and has already shown that he is more influential than the former Chelsea star at this stage of his career.

What does the future hold for Eden Hazard at Real Madrid?

As for up front, Hazard isn’t a false nine. You can try to fit him there and attempt to make it work but the results are more than likely to be disappointing.

Having a false nine can be beneficial with the way Real Madrid play. The team depends on a forward who tracks back, helps build up play and links up with the wingers well. That’s what Karim Benzema has made a name for himself doing. However, Hazard can’t do it as well.

This isn’t to compare both players as that would be unfair to both of them. But Hazard isn’t as smart in forward positions as Benzema is. He has never been that kind of a player. He offered different qualities that made him one of the best in the world.

His speed, his almost unmatched dribbling ability, the way he cut into the box and his first touch were all things that really helped elevate him to elite level.

Now though, his speed has significantly declined, owing to his history of injuries, which also affects how he cuts into the box as well. As for his first touch, he has still got it but is just that enough?

He wants to be at Real Madrid, that much is clear. He has no issues with other players or staff members and is a popular member of the dressing room. Just that isn’t enough to keep a player though, especially considering the contract he is on. But there are no suitable offers for him, and thus, Los Blancos have no choice but to make the best of the situation.

But even if an offer came in for the Belgian, that Real Madrid would accept, would Hazard want to leave? It does not feel like he’ll stay at all costs but then again, he won’t leave for just any club and you can’t expect him to.

It is definitely time to part ways with Hazard but keeping him at the club could bring some positives as the season goes on. But if a suitable offer does arrive within the next few days then it should be very, very seriously considered by all involved.