3 Real Madrid players who have no choice but to step-up in 2024/25

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3. Fran Garcia

For the exact same reason as Ferland Mendy, Fran Garcia has to step up a level in the 2024/25 to prove himself to Carlo Ancelotti. Throughout the 2023/24 campaign, it was Garcia who rotated with Mendy for that left-back spot, but more often than not, it was Garcia who was rendered second-fiddle.

That said, context is important. Fran Garcia was only re-signed from Real Madrid in 2023, so he is still yet to cement himself on the starting lineup. If the decision came down to which player out of Garcia and Mendy would be sold to facilitate Davies' arrival, it would probably be Garcia who stays, on that note.

Regardless, Real Madrid being linked with Alphonso Davies as their next transfer after Kylian Mbappe is not good news for Fran Garcia. The worst case scenario for Garcia is that he's sold to facilitate Davies' arrival and the best case scenario is that he remains and has to fight for a place with Davies, which would arguably be harder than fighting for a place under Mendy.


Which Real Madrid players do you think must step up?