4 most hated Real Madrid players of all-time

Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid CF - Copa del Rey
Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid CF - Copa del Rey / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyImages
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4. Samuel Eto'o

Unfortunately, Samuel Eto'o is another player who has worn both the Real Madrid and Barcelona jersey. However, he is not remembered very fondly at Real Madrid, and understandably so.

As a Real Madrid youngster, he was given the license to succeed. Still, it was not good enough for the Cameroonian striker, who opted to join Clasico rivals Barcelona instead.

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Transfers are a part of the sport but it was the comments made by Samuel Eto'o after his departure which made him an unfortunate rival of Real Madrid. The Bernabeu fans are as passionate as they come, so any bitter mention of the club will be remembered for eternity.

Samuel Eto'o claimed that hatred for Real Madrid is drummed into Barcelona players as soon as they arrive. Famously, he also said that his first El Clasico as a Barcelona player was his favourite. This does not sit well with the Real Madrid supporters, considering Real Madrid lost 3-0 on this day.


Who is your most hated former Real Madrid player?