The 5 greatest bargain Real Madrid transfers of all-time

Atalanta v Real Madrid  - UEFA Champions League Round Of 16 Leg One
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4. Alfredo Di Stéfano (€24k)

Again, this transfer happening in 1953 must be taken into account when evaluating his transfer price but the story involving Alfredo Di Stéfano made him a MUST in this list. After all, The Real Champs is easily convinced by a great origin story...

Di Stéfano was incredibly close to signing for Barcelona. In fact, the legendary Argentine was actually a player whose rights belonged to Barcelona at one point. A major decision in his life where Di Stéfano was forced into choosing between business and football meant that Real Madrid swooped in.

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Long story short, a court case which was mediated by professionals at the time meant that Barcelona agreed to essentially share Di Stéfano with Real Madrid, with the player playing for both clubs during different periods. Barcelona pulled out of this, though, and sold their shares of Di Stéfano to Real Madrid.

After a controversy early into his career, Di Stéfano went onto become one of the best players in Spanish football history. He made 282 league appearances for Real Madrid, scoring 216 goals. He also won the European Cup (now named the Champions League) five times and La Liga eight times, for good measure.

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