Endrick sends cryptic message which Real Madrid fans aren’t “ready for”

New Real Madrid signing Endrick has taken to social media to send out a cryptic message about an announcement which Real Madrid fans aren't "ready for"...
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Endrick has already rocked the football world at such a young age. The 17-year-old will join Real Madrid this summer, ahead of the 2024/25 season. He is joining a near-perfect Carlo Ancelotti squad, with the idea to strengthen the roster for the long-term.

That said, given the confidence which oozes from Endrick already, it would not come as a surprise to see him stake a claim in the first-team instantly.

Having already scored at the Santiago Bernabeu last season on international duty, Endrick is widely considered to be one of the hottest prospects in the sport. To secure a big move to Europe at such a young age is reserved for a select few, and Endrick will hope to follow the likes of Neymar Jr, Vinicius Jr, Kaka, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo as players from his country to kill it in Europe.

Endrick turns 18 years old on the 21st of July this year, so he will meet up with the Real Madrid squad then. There is a chance he could even be involved in pre-season.

Endrick sends cryptic message which Real Madrid fans aren’t “ready for”

Endrick needed no help in being at the forefront of Real Madrid fans' minds. After all, the young Brazilian is highly anticipated in the Spanish capital, especially since his move from Palmeiras has seemed like a long-time-coming. Regardless, he has been a key topic of discussion over the last day.

This is because Endrick has sent out a cryptic message to not just Real Madrid fans, but fans of the sport in general. In a teaser on social media, Endrick published a picture of him holding up a mystery jersey with his name and the number 26.

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As per a translation from GOAL, Endrick captioned the photo: "I don't know if y'all ready for this. On June 20th I will be on ESPN to tell a news that will shake the world of sports."

Excellently pointed out by the report, the number 26 is not likely an indication of the jersey number he will be assigned at Real Madrid, since only numbers up to 25 are recognised as first-team players. So, what could the cryptic message?

Well, Real Madrid fans will be tightly tuned to ESPN, as on June 20th, Endrick will be on the platform to confirm what is meant by this post.


What do you think new Real Madrid signing Endrick means by his latest cryptic post?