Fabrizio Romano reveals superb Leny Yoro to Real Madrid transfer update

According to the transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, there has been a pretty incredible Leny Yoro to Real Madrid transfer update...
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One name which Real Madrid fans have gotten used to seeing is Leny Yoro. The 18-year-old centre back has taken the world by storm with his impressive, mature performances at a young age. He's therefore naturally found himself on the transfer radar of the biggest club in the world, Real Madrid.

However, like every other transfer, there are layers of complexity which mean that Real Madrid have yet to fully grasped the player. That said, fans remain confident, as they often are, that Leny Yoro will become a Real Madrid player - It's a matter of when, not if.

Fabrizio Romano reveals superb Leny Yoro to Real Madrid transfer update

A recent transfer update from the expert Fabrizio Romano seems to have solidified this. Posting to X (formerly Twitter), Romano claimed that Leny Yoro is only focused on moving to Real Madrid. Therefore, there is "no chance" that Yoro will extend his LOSC contract as the strategy is clear, he wants a move to Real Madrid and nothing else.

This means that the other two interested clubs, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain, are keeping their beady eyes on the situation and they'll only be successful in their actions if a deal falls through between Real Madrid and LOSC. The player is making this swing very favourably in the direction of Real Madrid.

Leny Yoro would be an exceptional addition to this Real Madrid team. Under Carlo Ancelotti, the squad is very nearly perfect. As a manager with a keen eye for detail, he will be aware of the ageing nature of the defence, hence why options such as Leny Yoro are considered.

Bringing in Leny Yoro would secure one more position for many more years to come. Assuming he is successful in the first team, he has the potential to become a club legend depending on his tenure.

It's also worth noting that Real Madrid are also considering other options, in case a deal falls through. Currently, William Saliba of Arsenal and Marc Guehi of Crystal Palace are also considered in this position. Hopefully, though, Ancelotti will not need to rely on the alternatives, as exceptional as those two players may be.


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