Real Madrid star player is yet again under investigation at EURO 2024

A Real Madrid star player is yet under investigation by UEFA following his potential breach of conduct after scoring at EURO 2024...
England v Slovakia: Round of 16 - UEFA EURO 2024
England v Slovakia: Round of 16 - UEFA EURO 2024 / Richard Pelham/GettyImages

Real Madrid stars are tearing it apart at their respective international tournaments this summer. However, it could be argued that Jude Bellingham has had the greatest impact at EURO 2024. In his country England's first knockout game of the tournament, they found themselves a goal down, before Jude Bellingham produced a stunning overhead kick in injury time to send the game to extra time.

Ultimately, England beat Slovakia in extra time, with Harry Kane producing a headed goal early into the allotted period. Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane were then subbed off, understandably by Gareth Southgate to preserve them for the quarterfinal, where England face Switzerland.

However, it could be a game which Jude Bellingham misses, for reports which made the rounds yesterday...

Real Madrid star player is yet again under investigation at EURO 2024

UEFA are currently looking into the aftermath of Jude Bellingham's goal as there could be a potential breach of "basic rules of decent conduct." UEFA are yet to decide on the outcome of the investigation but according to Sky Sports, "information on this matter will be made available in due course."

It is believed that the investigation is looking into Jude Bellingham's hand placement during his celebration. He appeared to gesture towards his crotch area, which Sky Sports believes is the reason why UEFA are paying close attention to the potential breach of rules and conduct.

Such is the nature of football, little room is left to show any kind of emotion, regardless of the situational effect of saving your country in injury time. Jude Bellingham has shown time and time again, whether it be with the England national team or with Real Madrid, that he is a passionate player.

We mustn't forget the red card he was given against Valencia in La Liga earlier in the season, after being ruled out of a winning goal in similar fashion. While many will argue it is a personality trait of Bellingham's which he needs to fix, we must remember he is still young. He only turned 21 at the weekend, so he still makes some questionable decisions.

Under the right tutelage of Gareth Southgate for England and Carlo Ancelotti for Real Madrid, Jude can work on his temperament. Hopefully he is not banned for the quarterfinal, as it is another exceptional opportunity for him to prove himself on the big stage, but this information will be released by UEFA in due course.


Do you think Jude Bellingham was right to celebrate in the way that he did?