A former Real Madrid player seems to want to make enemies with Madridistas

Real Madrid fans (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images)
Real Madrid fans (Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images) /

Real Madrid players usually continue to make the club proud after their retirement or after they leave, as they sing the praises of the world’s most respected club and receive the proper adulation from Madridistas in response. Look at Kaka for example. The legendary attacking midfielder was unable to be at his absolute best for the Merengues, yet he still shows them love whenever he can.

Contrast that with James Rodriguez, who picked Liverpool over Real Madrid. Then again, this is the same guy who tried to move to rivals Atletico Madrid…

But not even James choosing against Liverpool can hold a candle to Michael Owen. The Real Madrid transfer flop boldly proclaimed that the Reds – his other former club – would blow Los Merengues out. He was obviously wrong.

Now, Owen was much better for Liverpool and started his career there, whereas he never fit in Madrid despite a good scoring ratio in his final season there. So it is fine for him to prefer Liverpool. We all have our preferences.

But predicting a blowout in a Champions League Final to a team that has only ever lost one UCL Final in 14 to that point? That is ridiculous. And regardless of his success or lack thereof in Madrid, it is still very disrespectful to say that about your former club – or really ANY club for that matter.

Unfortunately, it does not end there with Owen. Backing up the stereotype of the ignorant English football pundit, Owen dropped this galaxy-brained gem on social media.

Owen is quickly becoming the new Antonio Cassano. A Real Madrid flop who criticizes the club and its current players. Unlike Cassano, who mostly seems to target Cristiano Ronaldo out of jealousy, Owen can’t help but waffle about how Madrid aren’t that good or whatever.

Newsflash, Michael Owen, you never won the Champions League. Real Madrid and Liverpool are two highly successful clubs in this competition. You played for both and have zero. Hell, if you throw in Manchester United, Owen never won a UCL title despite playing for teams that have won a combined 23 in their histories.

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Owen’s football legacy should be about his Ballon d’Or and him being one of the best young strikers the world has ever seen to start his career. Instead, he will be remembered by the next generations as a bitter grouch who never fulfilled his potential.