Real Madrid Transfers: The big risk with not signing a backup for Karim Benzema

Real Madrid are not a team that is content with even the pinnacle of success. Shortly after winning the Champions League Final in one of the most memorable conquests of the tournament in history, Los Blancos went right to work.

They have already secured two of the classiest signings of the summer window, snagging Antonio Rudiger on a free at the request of Carlo Ancelotti and then later outbattling PSG and Liverpool to land world-class youngster Aurelien Tchouameni to their midfield.

But they should not stop there. Real Madrid manager Ancelotti has identified a new backup striker as a need for Los Merengues, and he is 100 percent right.

Sure, Real could head into the 2022/23 season with Borja Mayoral or even Juanmi Latasa as the backup to Karim Benzema. Latasa is a great prospect who has an all-around skill-set that fits Madrid. And Mayoral has a good scoring record with both Roma and Getafe. He is a quality footballer

Real Madrid cannot function without a sufficiently capable striker

Going into the 2022/23 season with Mayoral and Latasa as the top options behind Benzema, however, is a big risk.

Look at what happened when Benzema was out last season. Real Madrid were fine at the start of the season when Luka Jovic stepped up for the injured Benz against Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid. But then he faded and Real were woeful without Benz, including losing 4-0 to Barcelona when the striker went down. False nine ideas failed, and Real were in shambles at progressing the ball whenever Benz was not on the pitch or not 100 percent fitness-wise.

Even Benzema’s elite fitness is being tested by the grueling schedule in football, as he carries a great deal of responsibility for both Real Madrid and the French national team. With the World Cup this winter, rest needs to be an even bigger priority for Benz. To prolong this wonderful player’s career, Real Madrid must manage his minutes.

That means they need a backup striker they can rely on. Someone who can score goals. Someone consistent. Someone with experience. Someone with the quality to bring others into the game. They cannot find anyone to replace Benzema on the pitch – not even close – but they can find someone good enough so that Real can still comfortably win matches in LaLiga if Benz needs a rest, is hurt, or otherwise cannot play.

Failing to do so is a major risk. It means Real Madrid could suffer an insurmountable drop-off at their most important position. The 9 is the marquee position in Madrid. With the way this team is set up, especially with the young wingers, the man in the middle is the focal point who is the example and the player everyone else feeds off of.

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Carlo is right. Real cannot be content with what they have. They must be proactive, because the competition, whether it be Manchester City or PSG, certainly is.