Real Madrid: An underrated option to have at RW next season

Real Madrid’s squad looks pretty damn good for next season, I won’t lie. The additions of Aurelien Tchouameni and Antonio Rudiger will help the team a lot, and it’s going to be a very exciting season.

Perhaps the only position, like I said, that needs some sort of reinforcement is the right-wing spot. Real Madrid only have one player that can be trusted; Rodrygo, and two if you include an out-of-position Fede Valverde, who’s still good.

But, I would’ve loved Real Madrid to sign Serge Gnabry, but now that he has already extended his contract with Bayern, it’s safe to look past that option.

Apart from him, I don’t really see that many players who would be good signings for Real Madrid. The market for right-wingers isn’t that huge, and Real don’t really need to act on it now that they didn’t get the best possible option, all they need to do is trust their Castilla guys.

Sergio Arribas could be the option that Real Madrid use for depth at RW

Let’s just say that if Sergio Arribas and Rodrygo were Real Madrid’s two right-wingers, with a bit of Fede Valverde every now and then, I would not be disappointed.

Arribas is easily the best player on the Castilla team. He’s so so good, so talented and versatile, that it’s actually surprising that Real don’t field him instead of Asensio. He clearly has the talent, and if given the chance, Arribas would help Real a lot.

He scored a lot of goals for Castilla last season – 15 to be exact – and granted, he was playing more centrally for that team, it still makes me think of what he can achieve if he gets some playing time with the first team.

I honestly was baffled by the reports that suggested Real Madrid were taking five Castilla players with them to US, but not Arribas. Like, at least try him out. It wouldn’t hurt.

Arribas has a high ceiling. He’s pacey, he’s a brilliant line-breaker and could do a lot of damage against lowly opponents, and maybe even against the better teams.

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If I were Ancelotti, I would at least give Arribas a shot here. After a season like that, I think he’s deserved it.