A Real Madrid starter that doesn’t get the respect he deserves

Real Madrid, Casemiro, Ferland Mendy (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
Real Madrid, Casemiro, Ferland Mendy (Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

Real Madrid have one of the best squads in the world, and their mentality is actually second to none, which temporarily alleviates them to become the best in the world whenever they need to. To be honest, it makes them the best in the world, regardless.

But, no squad is perfect, and Real Madrid had to make a couple of signings in the summer. Of course, I would want them to make more this summer, but even the two players they have signed are very good, so I will not be too sad if those two players are all the club signs.

One of them, Antonio Rudiger – an elite defender – would want a starting spot, and rightfully so. Even though he’d have to earn it, I don’t think he’d have a huge problem with that.

But, the coach would have to worry about who goes to the bench and who stays in the lineup. Now, in my opinion, it should be Militao, until he gets his form right. But, for many, many people, it needs to be Mendy.

Ferland Mendy has been Real Madrid’s starting left-back for around three seasons now, and he’s been one of their best purchases in recent times. Mendy doesn’t have the offensive skillset that is expected from a Real Madrid full-back, but what he does defensively is so important to this team, and yet it gets overlooked.

The way he takes on the best winger on literally every single team Real Madrid play against, and he isolates them so much you could hardly feel the winger’s presence on the pitch.

Mendy is just fantastic in that regard, and his synergy with David Alaba is perfect as well. They telepathically communicate and whenever Alaba wants to move up the pitch, just like a glove, Mendy becomes a makeshift centre-back. It’s just so good with these two, and I don’t really know why Real Madrid would want to change that.

Mendy’s offensive attributes are definitely his main weakness, but the other things matter so much. It’s like with Casemiro, he’s not the best ball carrier, but he’s so good off the ball that you have him on your team in big games. I think it’s the same with Mendy, but somehow, he keeps getting overlooked, and I do not like it.

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It’s time for everyone to put some respect on Mendy’s name, because he is easily the best defensive full-back in the game, and the fact that it’s not talked about enough makes me a little mad.