Real Madrid take a significant blow from their Kylian Mbappe transfer offer

Real Madrid may have to re-evaluate their recent offer to Kylian Mbappe, as it's been revealed that the Frenchman and his team are not happy with Los Blancos.

Real Madrid are re-attempting to sign Kylian Mbappe from Paris Saint-Germain. Although they have tried before, this time seems to be the best opportunity for Los Blancos, since the French superstar is soon-to-be out of contract in Paris and wants to take the next big step in his career.

Naturally, that next big step seems to be representing Real Madrid in the footballing capital of the world. Indeed, Real Madrid have the backing of La Liga president who has revealed there's a high likelihood that this deal goes ahead.

Yesterday, though, The Real Champs published an article claiming that there has been a setback in the transfer saga, with Real Madrid finding it difficult to agree with Kylian Mbappe's mother, who also acts as his agent. Well, today, we can confirm that there has been another obstacle in the way of this deal commencing.

Real Madrid take a significant blow from their Kylian Mbappe transfer offer

According to a report by The Athletic, who are considered the top-tier in terms of journalistic integrity and reliability, Real Madrid's recent offer to attract Kylian Mbappe is lower than their previous offer in 2022. Understandably, this doesn't sit well with the player or his agents, who only want the best for the 25-year-old as he enters the prime stages of his career.

It's assumed that this is only the starting offer from Real Madrid's perspective, as it is a common tactic within the European transfer market to lowball on your first offer. In many ways, this is smart from the La Liga leaders since the best case scenario would be landing a player for cheaper than expected and the worst case scenario is the need to submit a revised offer, but either way, there is room to negotiate.


Kylian Mbappe returns to Champions League action tomorrow, as Paris Saint-Germain play against La Liga side Real Sociedad. It will an interesting watch from a Real Madrid perspective, since it could provide a taste of how the French superstar will fare in his new home next season (if all goes well, that is).

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